Lowest Seeded Teams To Ever Make NBA Finals

I have always been a great fan of the NBA finals. I mean, who can forget the special players that always shine in the course of the finals. For example, I have had the opportunity to watch the great Michael Jordan playing for the Chicago Bulls, LeBron James for Miami Heat, Shaquille O’Neal for the Los Angeles Lakers and Larry Bird for the Boston Celtics. While some of these players turned out for higher seeded teams, it is not surprising to find lower seeded teams making the NBA finals. I will have a look at some lowest seeded teams to reach the NBA finals.

Take a look at my list of the lowest seeded teams to make the NBA finals.
Many pundits have observed that the NBA enjoys a fair playoff system. This view is mostly attributed to the impartiality of the playoff system which endeavors to compensate the better team. Because of this system, lower seeded teams usually have a great chance of making the NBA finals.

Without any further delay, I present to you my list of some of the lowest seeded teams to reach the NBA finals.

1. New York Knicks (1998-1999)
In the 1998-99 season, the Knicks managed to reach the NBA finals as eighth seeds. Their journey began with a victory over Miami Heat in the first round of the playoffs. Miami Heat was the top-seeded team in the Playoffs. In the second round, the Knicks beat the Atlanta Hawks who were the 4th seeded team. The final game of the Playoffs saw the Knicks face off with the Indiana Pacers whom they also beat.

The Knicks faced off with the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA finals. However, Tim Duncan and company led the San Antonio Spurs to victory over the Knicks.

2. Houston Rockets (1994-1995)
The 1994-95 Rockets reached the finals as sixth seeds. On their way to the finals, the Rockets beat the 3rd seeded Utah Jazz in the Playoff’s first round. The Rockets then faced off with the Phoenix Suns in the playoffs semis. The Rockets beat the Suns, who were the second seeds. In the finals of the playoffs, the Rockets faced off with the San Antonio Spurs and won. This victory earned them a spot in the NBA finals where they faced off with Orlando Magic. They won the NBSA finals by beating Orlando Magic in four straight games en-route to winning the team’s second consecutive championship.

3. Houston Rockets (1980-1981)
The 1980-81 Houston Rockets team reached the NBA finals while seeded sixth. The Rockets beat the Los Angeles Lakers and the San Antonio Spurs in the Western Conference first round and semifinals respectively. In the conference finals, the Rockets beat the fifth-seeded Kansas City Kings and took the series 4-1.
The Rockets, however, lost the NBA finals 4-2 to the Boston Celtics.

4. Seattle Supersonics (1977-1978)
The Sonics reached the NBA finals awhile seeded 4th. Although the Sonics began the season in disappointing fashion, things looked up after the appointment of Lenny Wilkens as coach. The Sonics managed to defeat Portland Trail Blazers, who were the defending champions, in the semifinals of the Western Conference.
However, the Sonics lost the NBA Finals to the Washington Bullets who were the better side over the seven games of the series.

5. Boston Celtics (1968-69)
Seeded 4th in the 1968-69 season, the Celtics managed to reach the NBA finals in what was the team’s 23rd season in the NBA. The Celtics ended the season as champions by beating the Lakers 4-3 in the series.

In the NBA, all teams endeavor to not only make it to the finals but also win the championship. The lowest seeded teams that made it to the NBA finals shows us that with determination and hard work, any team can make it to the finals and become champions.

Largest Improvement In Games Won In MLB

The Boston Red Sox Turnaround in 2013 
No one in an entire century ever thought The Boston Red Sox would win The World Series. This can all be credited to general manager Ben Cherington. He hired manager John Farrell and these two sought to rehab the infamous team during Major League Baseball’s 2013 season. Farrell’s experience as a pitching coach was a major factor. As was his signings of Mike Napoli, Shane Victorino, Jonny Gomes, and Stephen Drew. Returning were 2013 World Series Most Valuable Player David Ortiz and second baseman Dustin Pedroia.

Mike Napoli became the first baseman and designated hitter. In 2013 alone, he hit his fourth career grand slam off of A.J. Griffin. Thus beating The Oakland Athletics 9 to 6. He was even tied for second place in RBI hits with Prince Fielder of The Detroit Tigers. Napoli also struck out one hundred and seventy eight batters the very same season.

Hacksaw Jonny Gomez earned a batting average of .247 during his first year with The Red Sox. He also earned thirteen home runs and fifty two RBIs as a batter. While earning forty nine home runs himself. The Boston Red Sox were 6-0 during both The Division Championship and The American League Championship. He started in left field with a .200 batting average with two RBIs. Scoring six runs during this stretch. Gomez also broke a zero for nine slide during Game 4 of The World Series.

Stephen Drew came to The Red Sox with a .235 batting average. He also had thirteen home runs and sixty seven RBI. Despite struggling in the postseason games, the infielder made a home run during Game 6 of The World Series. This helped clinch their third World Series in nine years. Drew’s first. Yet he opted to became a free agent instead of renewing his deal with the team he helped win the biggest prize in Major League Baseball.

Despite being injured as a result of colliding with the right field wall, Shane Victorino was named American League Player of The Week between July 28 and August 3. On October 19th, he hit a go ahead grand slam in the bottom of the seventh inning. It was a 5-2 victory over The Detroit Tigers. This was, in fact, the very hit that sent The Boston Red Sox that sent The Boston Red Sox to The 2013 World Series. Victorino’s second World Series victory.

The winning 2013 season also saw veteran Red Sox player David Ortiz return from an injury. Helping guide them to the top of The American League’s East Division. He also hit home runs in Games 1 and 2. Dustin Pedroia also suffered an injury and also returned to The Red Sox this season. Yet he played more games than anyone that season at one hundred and fifty.

This improved roster allowed for ninety seven wins that season. These were large leaps and bounds from the ninety three losses The Boston Red Sox endured the previous year. In the postseason, they needed four games to surpass The Tampa Bay Devil Rays for The Division championship. Six to beat The Detroit Tigers for the American League pennant. And another six to defeat The St. Louis Cardinals and win The 2013 World Series. The Red Sox have won eight championships overall with three World Series in the 21st Century. The first in 2004, the next in 2007, and the most recent in 2013. They also topped the Major League Baseball teams who improved in the 2015-2016 season. The Boston Red Sox enjoyed a win percentage of 9.3 with an improvement ratio from 48.1 to 57.4.

Biggest Underdog To Ever Win The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is the most anticipated sports game of the year. When a team has a commanding lead in the beginning of the game many people think that it is over. That is not always the case. There have been teams to come from behind to win the game. All odds were against these teams to win but they still do. These are the 10 biggest Super Bowl underdogs to take victory in the most important game in sports.

Super Bowl XXXII Broncos and Packers
This game was said to go to the Green Bay Packers and that Denver did not stand a chance. The odds were against this team. The Broncos went on to win the game and upset a lot of people. They went on to win again the next season with the same winning players.

Super Bowl XXXVI Patriots and Rams
The Rams were expected to beat the New England Packers without a problem. They were said to win by 17 points. While it was a close game the Patriots came out ahead. Some say they got lucky during the game, others say that they had the talent. No matter what happened these underdogs were victorious.

Super Bowl IV Chiefs and Viking
The Minnesota Vikings were set to win this by 28 points. That did not happen. The Chiefs were able to win this game and they won big with a score of 23-7. While a team is said to be a favorite it does not mean that they are going to win the game and many people found this out the hard way.

Super Bowl XLII Giants and Patriots
The New England Patriots were said to win the game and they were set to destroy the New York Giants. That did not happen. The game was very close with a final score of 17-14. The Giants were able to win and pull out a victory. They were able to make some great plays and were able to win the game.

Super Bowl III Jets and Colts
The Baltimore Colts were the clear favorites. It was predicted that they were going to beat the New York Jets by well over 20 points. This is one of the biggest underdog victories in sports. The Jets were able to win the game with a final score of 16-7 and win over some new fans at the same time.

Super Bowl XV Raiders and Eagles
At one time Oakland had a good football team. They were pretty good yet they were not picked to win the Super Bowl. The Eagles were the clear favorite in this game. The Raiders were able to beat the Eagles and win the Super Bowl. This was one of the first of many upsets for Philadelphia fans.

Super Bowl XXXVII Buccaneers and Raiders
The Oakland Raiders has a long history of coming from behind and winning this game. That is one of the reasons why they were picked to win. This was not the game for the Raiders. Tampa Bay was said to be the underdogs and there was a 31 point spread between the teams. Not only did Tampa Bay win they kicked some Raider butt. The final score was 48-21 and upset many fans.

Just because a team in an underdog does not mean that all hope is lost. All odds were against these teams and they won the Super Bowl. A little hard work and determination can make all the difference.

Teams With the Least Chance to win the Super Bowl

The NFL is one of the best leagues in the world. There are many teams which are going to compete for the Super Bowl at the end of the season. The league has become very famous because any team can challenge for the title as it has been seen in the past years. Even the underrated sides have shown their potential and desire to claim the title and put down big teams. If you are a true football fan, you are anticipating for a new and competitive season. Various teams are ready to take on their opponents and claim victory. It’s already clear that there are favorites to win the title while others are having the least chances of making an impact in claiming the Bowl.

Sports analysts from different houses have conducted their research on the team that is going to be playing this season. Several teams have been identified as least likely to win the title. There are factors which are looked into when making this analyzing and driving to a conclusion. One is the current form of players and the entire squad as a whole. The last games played by the teams are very relevant in determining how they will play in this campaign. The return of top players who played for half a season last time is a major boost to the affected clubs. More improvements are expected in such teams where they will rank better in the overall results.

Analysts have found that The Cleveland Browns are the least likely to win the Super Bowl in the 2016-2017 season. Statistics from the findings indicate they have less than ten percent chance of becoming victors. Nevertheless, the percentage is just a number and nothing to worry you so much. Things have happened to the most underrated teams over the years. The Browns have a 1.9 percent chance of reaching the playoffs. They are currently ranked at 26th due to their offensive problems which they are the last in the league. The Browns have also been given a 0.7 percent of winning the AFC North. Despite the low expectations from this side, they have earned a 24.7 percent of being picked for the 2017 draft.

You could be wondering how the ESPN analysts come up with these figures about the least likely winners of the Super Bowl. A lot of simultaneous calculations are involved in determining these odds and percentages. Analysts use Football Power Index (FPI) which is a complex measurement based on available details about the team and squad. For instances, teams that enjoyed a successful preseason have higher ratings. More wins to a team help increase the indexing hence a prediction of the following outcomes is established. The expected wins over the season are calculated, and the accurate information is used as a baseline for making future predictions.

Numerous factors are used in determining how good a team is in the league. It could be above average of below average. The Browns also have an estimated win of 4.9 which translates to about 20 percent wins over the campaign. The statistics can change any moment because it will all depend on the form of their opponent at the time of play. Gamblers will have a real tough time in making their predictions. Any win with the Brown carry’s high odds which means you will win more. The rates keep on changing with news gathered by the odd makers. Before you place that bet, ensure you have checked the news and any factor that could have changed the odds. You will be safer in making the best decision which will reward you well.