Teams With the Least Chance to win the Super Bowl

The NFL is one of the best leagues in the world. There are many teams which are going to compete for the Super Bowl at the end of the season. The league has become very famous because any team can challenge for the title as it has been seen in the past years. Even the underrated sides have shown their potential and desire to claim the title and put down big teams. If you are a true football fan, you are anticipating for a new and competitive season. Various teams are ready to take on their opponents and claim victory. It’s already clear that there are favorites to win the title while others are having the least chances of making an impact in claiming the Bowl.

Sports analysts from different houses have conducted their research on the team that is going to be playing this season. Several teams have been identified as least likely to win the title. There are factors which are looked into when making this analyzing and driving to a conclusion. One is the current form of players and the entire squad as a whole. The last games played by the teams are very relevant in determining how they will play in this campaign. The return of top players who played for half a season last time is a major boost to the affected clubs. More improvements are expected in such teams where they will rank better in the overall results.

Analysts have found that The Cleveland Browns are the least likely to win the Super Bowl in the 2016-2017 season. Statistics from the findings indicate they have less than ten percent chance of becoming victors. Nevertheless, the percentage is just a number and nothing to worry you so much. Things have happened to the most underrated teams over the years. The Browns have a 1.9 percent chance of reaching the playoffs. They are currently ranked at 26th due to their offensive problems which they are the last in the league. The Browns have also been given a 0.7 percent of winning the AFC North. Despite the low expectations from this side, they have earned a 24.7 percent of being picked for the 2017 draft.

You could be wondering how the ESPN analysts come up with these figures about the least likely winners of the Super Bowl. A lot of simultaneous calculations are involved in determining these odds and percentages. Analysts use Football Power Index (FPI) which is a complex measurement based on available details about the team and squad. For instances, teams that enjoyed a successful preseason have higher ratings. More wins to a team help increase the indexing hence a prediction of the following outcomes is established. The expected wins over the season are calculated, and the accurate information is used as a baseline for making future predictions.

Numerous factors are used in determining how good a team is in the league. It could be above average of below average. The Browns also have an estimated win of 4.9 which translates to about 20 percent wins over the campaign. The statistics can change any moment because it will all depend on the form of their opponent at the time of play. Gamblers will have a real tough time in making their predictions. Any win with the Brown carry’s high odds which means you will win more. The rates keep on changing with news gathered by the odd makers. Before you place that bet, ensure you have checked the news and any factor that could have changed the odds. You will be safer in making the best decision which will reward you well.